Appreciation of health benefactors in Namazi Educational and Medical Center

According to the public relations of the educational and medical center: charitables decided to renovate the radiotherapy corridor, buy a chemical trappy air condition, buy ventilator and secure the cost of refrigerator and elevator of the pharmacy.

Dr. "Mohammad Sadegh Masoudi", the chaiman of Namazi Educational and Medical Center, not only did appreciate “haj Mohammad Namazi’s” memory, but also called him as the greatest charity in the domain of health working and considered his work as a saved factor for futurity, he also thanked those benevolents who attended that meeting to solve the patient’s requirements .At the end of the meeting, a statue and a plaque of appreciation were presented for the good deeds of these benefactors.

At the end of the meeting, benevolents were appreciated because of their job through dedication of statue and praise tablet.

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