Namazi Charity Foundation

Haj Mohammad Namazi, a great man who was born in in a well-known and charitable family in diar pars in 1275 AH. After years of being away from home and achieving great success in the field of economy and international trade, he returned to his home and saw distressed condition of his fellow citizens who were ills because of contagious and infectious diseases due to the consumption of polluted water, so he devoted most of his wealth to charitable activities such as  construction of filtration plant, establishment of  nursing school, and the construction of Namazi hospital.

more than 60 years after Namazi hospital establishment, it has been still one of the greatest speciality  and post speciality courses in the south of Iran.

That is why in order to continue the deceased’s holly aim, Mohammad Namazi’s hospital charity foundation has been established since 2013. The main purpose of this foundation is to attract charitables, to help patients to buy hospital equipments, and to make flourished conditions for this hospital.

Address: Namazi Hospital - next to the tomb Namazi 
Contact number: 071-36474908
Public Aid Deposit Account Number: 52006220065 Bank Mellat
Card number: 6104337944039351


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