Introduction to the late Mohammad Namazi



The late Haj Mohammad Namazi, the son of Haj Mohammad Hassan Namazi, was a successful businessman and one of the famous and great families of Shiraz. As a child, he went abroad and in 1323, in the midst of the end of World War II, after returning to his country and observing the unhealthy situation of the people of Shiraz who were suffering from incurable and pervasive diseases, all their grief and sorrow. To establish a medical and health center for the treatment of poor and disabled people.

The late Namazi, after consulting with experts, concluded that most of the common diseases and illnesses are due to lack of access to safe drinking water. At that time, various diseases such as typhoid and cholera killed many people in Shiraz and other parts of Iran, and the vast majority of doctors considered one of the main ways to treat these diseases and eradicate them to purify and make healthy drinking water.

Therefore, the late Namazi with his personal capital and with the help of his friends and relatives tried to build a water treatment plant and city water pipeline, which was achieved with his great efforts, and Shiraz was the first city in Iran to benefit from the blessings of healthy piped water.

After the late Namazi graduated from this, she bought one of the best and most refined gardens in Shiraz called the shoemaker's garden and built Namazi Hospital in it . After that, in order to better manage and use the most advanced medical sciences and scientific achievements in the world, he founded a foundation called the Iran Foundation, whose members consisted of a board of directors, high-level consultants, and experienced and educated physicians. The task of the Iran Foundation was to supervise the affairs of the hospital and its development.

After the official registration of the Iran Foundation by the late Namazi, she dedicated a document to the hospital in order to maintain the center, so that this huge complex of medical services would remain forever and forever to serve the people.

The late Mohammad Namazi, in a part of the regulatory endowment, states her goal and intention of establishing and launching the Namazi Educational and Medical Center as follows:

Description: A part of the text of the endowment letter of Namazi Hospital, which was prepared by the late Namazi, and according to her will, passages from this endowment letter have been written on the entrance of Namazi Hospital.
"The purpose of creating this medical and health center was not and is not that, like other ordinary hospitals, it is just a place for patients to sleep and rest for a few days or months, but the main purpose is that this center is a place to reach "To the most advanced common medical sciences in the world and the education and training of experienced physicians to treat patients in this city and our beloved homeland."
Description: Entrance of Namazi Hospital
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