Symposium meeting of Namazi’s board members Charity Foundation

Namazi foundation’s board members convened a meeting with the aim of reviewing the articles of association.


According to the public relations of Namazi Educational and Medical Center, "Farhad Panji", the chairman of Namazi Charity Foundation, announced and added: This meeting was attended by members of the charity foundation consisting of a group of professors from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences , Fars Health securing association of shiraz charity, charitable department and affairs of shiraz, chairman and director of Namazi educational and medical center was held in the management officeIn this meeting, the performance of the charity foundation in attracting health donors, the election of the board of directors and changes in several clauses of the articles of association were also discussed.

In this meeting, it was also talked about the performance of charity foundation in attracting the health charitable, choosing of board of director, and changes in clauses of the articles of association.

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